General Admission - Spectator Fees:

$15.00 for Saturday (This includes a two-day pass)

$10.00 for Sunday only.

Registration Fees:

We have an Online Registration Form you can print and send to us.

British Classic Motor Car Show (People's Choice)
$65 per car

  • Includes Registrant & Spouse - or 1st guest
  • Accompanying children under age 12 - No Charge

Concours d'Elegance (Judged Competition)
$75 per car

  • Includes Registrant & Spouse - or 1st guest
  • Accompanying children under age 12 - No Charge

The Registration Fee includes admission for two for the following events:

  • Friday - Registrant's Reception with Beverage Coupon
  • Saturday - Classic British Motor Car Show & All Field Events
  • Sunday - All Field Events

and the following

  • Meet Gift (for the first 300 to Pre-register)

Additional Options:
(in addition to the Event Registration Fee)

Additional Guests:
$25 per person

(includes name badge and admission to the following events)

  • Friday - Registrants' Reception with Beverage Coupon
  • All Field Events on Saturday & Sunday

Note: Guests must be associated with a British Invasion registrant

Car Corral Registration:
$20 per car

(in addition to the British Invasion Registration Fee of $65)

To register for the British Invasion and place 1 car in the car corral is $85. Only registered attendees may place cars in the car corral. Cars for display in the car corral must be of British manufacture. Please note, "For Sale" signs are not allowed on the show field.

Tailgate Picnic Competition:
$20.00 per car
(open to all British Invasion Car Show Registrants)


Pre-registered attendees may pickup registration packages at the Main tent at the Events Field on Friday between NOON and 6:00 PM. Those who have not yet registered may register on Friday between NOON and 6:00 PM. All Registrants are invited to participate in the self-guided Stowe Country Tour from 2:00 to 4:00 PM departing from the Events Field and then after to join us for the Registrants Reception at the show field from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM.

If you are arriving on Saturday morning there will be a roster of pre-registered attendees at the gate that will gain you access to the Registration Area where your registration package will await you from 8:00 AM till 12:00-NOON. Car access to the Show Field will Close at NOON on Saturday to allow for attendee foot traffic, and the safety of all concerned during People's Choice balloting.

If you are pre-registered and have already received your Registration Package on Friday PLEASE have your Car Card handy and visible on Saturday morning. Your car card will make it possible for field support personnel to quickly and efficiently guide you to your assigned class parking area on the show field. Rows are marked by letter "A" to "H". Drive down the LEFT travel lane of your assigned ROW and when you encounter your CLASS Sign park on the next available ORANGE spot. Should you get to the end of your ROW and NOT YET encounter your CLASS Sign or an open parking Spot at the end of the Row TURN RIGHT and travel back up the ROW until you encounter your CLASS Sign or an open spot. Each spot within your class is marked by a bright orange spot on the white row marker line. Please back your car into the spot so that the center of your front bumper is on the orange spot to insure uniform spacing and ample free space within your class.

Rules of the Show:

  • All vendors, all show vehicles and all guests MUST register with the British Invasion Registration Staff.
  • Parking is restricted to assigned locations.
  • For the safety of the spectators & show vehicles, NO dogs or bicycles will be allowed on the show grounds.
  • Young children must be under the supervision of a responsible adult.
  • Maintain a responsible distance from the show vehicles. Buckles, zippers, large handbags and swinging cameras can easily inflict costly damage.
  • "For Sale" signs are allowed only in the Car Corral Area, NOT on the show field.
  • All show cars must be driven onto the show field under their own power.
  • Fire extinguishers are required in all show vehicles.
  • All registered show cars must be on the show field by 12:00 noon Saturday.
  • Cars arriving after Registration is closed on Saturday will NOT be allowed to enter the Show Field.
  • All ballots must be turned into the registration area between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Saturday.
  • Friday registrants for the British Classic will park as a group on Saturday morning in an Open Class and NOT with any of the defined pre-registration classes.
  • For the safety of the spectators & show cars, show vehicles are not allowed to leave the show fields until after the awards are given.
  • Vehicles must be on the show field at the time of the award ceremony to receive an award.
  • Participation in the British Concours d'Elegance Competition is limited to Pre-registered cars ONLY. Classes will be based on registration.
  • The decision of the Judging Committee is FINAL.
  • The British Invasion, Inc. will NOT be held responsible for any and all damage claims.
  • Classes with 3 cars or less registered and on the field will be awarded 1 award; 4 cars registered and on the field, 2 awards; and, 6 cars or more registered and on the field, 3 awards.
  • It is the intent of the executive committee to have classes of 5 to 15 cars.
  • The executive committee reserves the right to combine or add classes if the number of entrants in a given class justifies such a change.
  • Sufficient notice must be given in order to justify addition of a one-marque class.
  • The cut off for registration for Concours d' Elegance is September 5th. There can be no substitution of cars in the Concours d' Elegance. You must register by mail before September 5th.
  • Registration for the British Classic in Stowe, VT, is at the show field between 12 noon and 6:00 PM on Friday of the show.
Bentley Concours car
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Michael F. Gaetano, Event Coordinator, British Invasion, Inc.,

Contact: Paula Gaetano
6 Pendulum Pass,
MA 01748-2658
TEL: (508)-
FAX: (781)-237-6811