FOR SALE-- 1952 Mark VI Standard Steel Bentley with 4.5 Litre Engine Asking Price: $24,000SOLD!

All repair work was performed by mechanics with great knowledge and experience working on Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles. The car has been kept in a dehumidified garage on a carpet. Total mileage is 66,043, including 678 miles since I became owner.

1. Purchased in 1998
2. Installed re-manufactured water pump (Albers) 
3. Master cylinder replaced (White Post) 
4. Stainless steel dual exhaust pipes installed (less front pipes) (Borla) 
5. Two Firestone Tires (Coker Tire) 
6. Re-plated center light and mount, two horn grills, and front license plate bumper mount 
7. Removed and re-built distributor 
8. Removed and rebuilt carburetors 
9. Cleaned sunroof drains 
10. Replaced fuel filler hose 
11. Filled shocks, lubed rear springs and all bushings 
12. Lubed all brake rod pivots, replaced coil and spark plug wires.


envelopeMichael F. Gaetano, Event Coordinator, British Invasion, Inc.,
TEL: (508)-395-6663


52 Bentley for sale

52 Bentley Interior

52 Bentley passenger side

52 bentley flying B

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